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Adjust all of the lighting through a single keypad while saving energy and money with lighting control. Some lighting control solutions include: occupancy and vacancy sensors, motion sensors, daylight sensors, lighting effects, dimmers and outdoor lighting. Lighting control is perfect for whole-office solutions, retail settings, patient rooms, restrooms, hallways, dining facilities, ballrooms and function halls and more.

Occupancy / Vacancy Sensors

Automatically have lights turn on when you enter a space and turn off when you exit. Occupancy and vacancy sensors are convenient and save energy. These sensors are ideal for rooms where lights are accidentally left on, such as offices, restrooms, and supply closets.

Lighting Effects and Dimmers

Control the “scenes” in your office, patient room, or classroom with simple lighting effects. When the projector turns on, the lights dim. With a push of a button, easily control the lights in the patient room to provide additional comfort. Dimming a light saves energy and money. Additionally, dimmers will easily add ambience to any room in the building. Via touch screens or smart phones, you can adjust the lighting in any room, at any time. Increase efficiency, save money and energy, and provide convenience.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting of the outdoor premises including parking lots/garages, provides convenience for your clients and employees. In combination with your security system, outdoor lighting can benefit you as a security measure as well.